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Sunday, February 26, 2017

IGI Waste and Energy Awareness Event - 2/25/2017 - Haiti via Tampa

On this episode of the RuckSackHack Podcast, we visit the IGI Waste and Energy Awareness Event in Tampa, FL. The event kicked off a series of lectures, dances, inspirational themed music, songs and poem. The event served as a reminder that our daily actions, in so far as recycling is concerned, has a huge impact on the lives of people. The goal of this event was to educate, inspire and motivate action in the area of waste management and renewable energy. Their intent is to convert plastic waste to energy for the people of Haiti.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

National Small Business Week Celebration with Our Unique Friends LLC

This week is National Small Business Week. Check out the activities in your town, city, state and region of the country. In celebration of #DreamSmallBiz we are on location interviewing #Veteran small businesses. Today, we ran into the owner of Our Unique Friends LLC. Checkout the interview and learn about how this Veteran Entrepreneur managed to solve a very simple yet complex problem.

Coloring the RECOUNT!

This is so unreal! Are these recounts really happening in Florida? Is this too colorful of an election ? Sign  up  for Rucksackhac...