Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Real Reason We Are So Empty - Hack #37 - 6/22/2017

Hack # 37 Do you ever wonder why everything around us seem to be falling apart? People are not getting along anymore, countries remain at odds, children refuse to listen to their parents, parents don't know where to turn for help? Even those available to help are overwhelmed? Do we need to get another awakening to know we don't need a lot of materialist things to be happy. How do we measure happiness? Is it based on our worldly possession?  One time I was in a hurry to drive to an appointment and my car stopped at a stop light. There on the corner was a homeless man with a sign that read
"I am saving to go find a job."
When I saw that sign I didn't know what to think. At least he had a plan. Do we have plans no matter our situation?  What worries you at night? What keeps you awake at night. Can you turn your worries into a profit center or a new business? Think about these questions. The absolutely has to be a reason for all this. Is their a master plan that we are being kept from knowing? A higher plan beyond our comprehension? These are some reasons we are so empty. An empty vessel can either be used for a highly calling or can be filled with worldly desires, worldly lavishness and worldly ways. Could that be the reason we are so empty? Comment below. I'd like to hear you thoughts on this topic. Don't forget to like, share and comment.

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