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Why Do Entrepreneurs Know How and When To Talk? 8/12/2017

Why Do Entrepreneurs Know How and When To Talk? 8/12/2017

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Have you heard people talk, talk talk but take no action?
How does it feel to be on the receiving end of all that talk?
Entrepreneurs on the other hand like to take action, then talk later.
Which style is right depends on your audience.
Obviously, if you need to do a lot of convincing to gain buy-in, your best bet is to
"socialize" the topic and desired outcome.
Suggest, recommend and "think our loud" the objective, taking note of key
objections, concerns and feedback. What good does it do to talk, talk, talk?

On the contrary, talking is natural. So, it makes sense to listen to people talk.
It's when you don't hear anything that you should be concerned.
Talking is especially important when it comes to team dynamics. Some team members
talk, while others listen. Just because someone on a team does not talk, does not
mean they don't know how to talk.

Consider a team of four entrepreneurs. If one is the talkative and the rest are not,
who would you assume is the leader of the pack?
Now, reverse the scenario and three members are talkative but one is not. Again, who
would you assume is the leader?
Talk is cheap but action is expensive.
Next time you are in a room, observe who is doing most of the talking and who is
taking note. At the end, ask questions of the note taker. You would be amazed at what
you'll discover.

I'd like your thoughts on this topic. Do you talk more and why? If you don't talk a
lot why? How does talking impact leading?
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Today's Topic: Why Do Entrepreneurs Know How and When To Talk? - 8/12/2017

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