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Hack #47 Why Do Entrepreneurs Like Training? - 8/27/2017

Hack # 47 Why Do Entrepreneurs Like Training? - 8/27/2017

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Why Do Entrepreneurs Like Training

If you ever want to see a bunch of entrepreneurs in action, visit one of the entrepreneurial training "accelerators" popping up all over the place.

What is it about these training that appeal to entrepreneurs?

I don't know but I ran into lots of entrepreneurs at the Daymond John's Success Formula training info session this weekend in St. Petersburg Florida.

You should see the hunger for knowledge from this would be and seasoned entrepreneurs.

The training info session was well put together.

You know how it is when you are just experiencing something for the first time.

Some of these entrepreneurs were just there to check it out.

Others were there to get motivated to move their ideas and themselves to the next level. One entrepreneur told me with the training they will be in a position to get mentored so they could reach their potential audience and customers. When I asked how many leads do you currently have? the answer I got was none.

When I asked how many emails have you sent? the answer I got was none. When I asked what's you sales? the answer I got was zero!!!

Say it ain't so!!!

Yet this entrepreneur is willing to pay money to get the knowledge to take them to "the next level?"

Is it me or is something wrong with this picture?

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Why Do Entrepreneurs Like Training?

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